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Product display
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Mainly produce hydraulic systems and hydraulic components

  • Technical Parameters
  • Type description
  • System characteristics
  • Industry Application
  • System parameters
    System pressure 200 bar
    System flow 40 L/min
    Motor parameters
    Power 11 kw
    Number of revolutions 1450 r/min
    Voltage 380 v
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Fuel tank parameters
    Volume 200 L
    Material Q235
    Surface treatment Spray
  • Feature Feature
    1. The imported double vane pump is used together with the oil return air cooler, which greatly reduces the heat generation of the system.
    2. The imported SSAN reversing valve is used in conjunction with the superposition valve, which is convenient for operation and use and improves production efficiency.
    3. Using laser cutting and bending technology to ensure the strength and beauty of the equipment.
  • Application Industry Application
    1. CNC drilling machine
    2. CNC Double Spindle Turning Machine
    3. Standing car